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Our business is divided into two complementary segments: the sale of slabs and the creation of manufactured products directly following your requests.

Our new headquarter makes the selling process easy. The large indoor warehouse, equipped with two overhead crane, allows you to have direct access to all the available materials. It’s easy to view each of them and choose the one you like better.

Custom design products
Whatever project you might want to realize, Stonest will put at your disposal its skilled personnel in order for you to have the technical and commercial assistance that you need. From selecting the best material to learning how to maintain at best the project once it is realized you won’t find yourself alone. Our goal is for you to have exactly what you had in mind and having it as shiny as it was the very first day it was installed.
Several degrees of customization are possible including a “turnkey” service that includes designing, manufacturing and installing your project.

Services, our added value. Our daily challenge is to give life to an idea, a design, a project.
Our staff handles every project with experience, planning and punctuality. We have a complete know-how of the natural stone industry, which has been obtained through the realization of major projects around the world.

Most viewed natural stone products

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