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Thanks to the most advanced technologies we can provide exclusive surface treatments bringing out all the details and the authenticity that these products hold.

This work goes along with a continuous research to process and obtain the best from the most modern and exotic materials as well as from the classic ones.

Our work never comes before the work of architects and interior decorators, instead our services are thought to be complementary to the work of these experts.

Thanks to our strong partnerships with the most reliable realities in marble and granite processing, we can carry out our activities as well in Italy as abroad.

Stonest combines tradition and innovation.
 We use natural stones such as:

  • Limestone

  • Sandstone

  • Quartzites

  • Travertines

  • Onyxes

  • Granite
  • Slate and marbles

About us

In 1998, each of us had already his own working experience that had brought us to work for the same industry leading company. When the following year that company closed down, we took the chance to start our own independent business. In June 1999, we thus created Stonest srl.

With the skills gained during our previous experiences, we started a common ongoing path of personal and professional growth.

We constantly strive to:

• carefully select the suppliers of raw materials;
• strengthen both the manufacturing process and the slabs sales procedures;
• build up our national and international customer base.

Our passion for our work has let us face every new challenge with the same enthusiasm for over 15 years.

Flexibility is our main goal. We consistently invest in research and new technologies. We can therefore promptly respond to changing market trends and quickly satisfy your needs, no matter how demanding they are.

How we work
We put a lot of attention in the planning process wich is carefully carried out by specialized technicians always working in close contact with you, our clients. The result is often a non-standard completely unique and exclusive product. The actual processing only starts once we get your final approval. We have to be sure your needs are completely understood so that our product can be “tailored” around you to meet your expectation.

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