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Stonest will be more “green”

Stonest will be more “green”

Posted on 28 Oct 2019

Here in Stonest, we have strongly believed in the new technologies, judging the on-going research as our strength. Our business field has always encouraged us to look for the right combination between tradition and innovation. Upon reflection, we understood that we could apply these principles to not only the marble processing, but to the business management, too.

Few things are available on our world for such a long time, as the natural stones and the marbles we are glad to work with. But there is such a thing, that is older than natural stones: it’s the sunlight. As we are daily grateful towards Mother Nature, that offers us these incredible materials, we should judge the sunlight in the same way.

We have then decided that the sunlight, as natural stones, could be part of our business. The sun, too, could be associated with the latest technologies. From that, we judged that the new warehouse should have been more “solar”. It was not only a simple choice of architecture or aesthetics, even if the big glass walls immediately leap out, but the reason is deeper, lays in its heart, that is “solar” as its skin. On the roof, we installed a state-of-the-art photovoltaic plant, that daily offers us an important part of the energy we need. It’s a real gift from Mother Nature , as the natural stones we work with. We express gratitude for the nature’s gifts, by accepting the challenges of the Green Economy and employing the solar energy for our daily energy consumption.

Once again, man and nature work together: this way, technology and tradition are not simple words, but can drive to practical outcomes. No one knows it better than we do, as we are in this business field from more than 20 years.

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