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Backlighting: Stonest has gone beyond

Backlighting: Stonest has gone beyond

Posted on 09 Oct 2020

Till now we were used to talk about backlighting of natural stones. In the past 15 year, various companies have been specializing in this field and some of them have reached a high professionalism

What does “backlighting natural stones” mean? Generally, it means using the natural translucence of stones by means of a light source that allows a uniform distribution of the light on its surface.

Stonest S.r.l., thanks to a collaboration with Apuomarg (the owner of its license) can go beyond and introduce the integration of the light with the marble. That means that light, marble and images blend into one panel featuring outstanding technical performances, easy to install, to inspect, without sticking out edges and with a very high diffusion of the light.

This innovative system leads to new applications and makes the range of materials suitable for backlighting a lot wider, offering to designers, architects and decorators the chance to go beyond what has been possible till today.

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