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25 years activity of Stonest 1999-2024

25 years activity of Stonest 1999-2024

Posted on 06 Mar 2024

Our history starts towards the end of 1990s. At that time, we already had a specific background of working for an important reality of stone industry. It was in 1999 when Italian Technology Stone srl informed its more than 15 employees that was about to put them into liquidation, due to its imminent closure. What our fellow colleagues read as the loss of their jobs, we turned it into a chance for setting our own independent business activity. It was in June 1999 when Alberto Lattanzi (born in 1967) with his great empathy and administrative capacities, Davide Tesconi (born in 1966), great expert of natural stones and processing techniques and Antonio Cordiviola (born in 1963), specialized in the development and managing of natural stone projects, established Stonest. At the beginning, we focused almost only on the Central and South American markets, thanks to the working experience that Antonio had gained in the Americas (Venezuela 1992-95, Panama and Dominican Republic 1996-98). We started working in 2 rented rooms, furnished with pieces of furniture bought at a discounted rate from the old company.

We brought our previous experiences and from that time we continued to grow from a personal point of view and as a business reality as well, a constant and gradual development. From the beginning, we have been supported from various suppliers – especially local – who have always offered us the highest standard of their services, putting at our disposal their technologies and expertise and who have been always rewarded with the reliability and loyalty that identify ourselves. In this way, we started increasing our clients’ portfolio and managed to interpret the transformations within the labour market and its economical flows and gained the flexibility and dynamism to face an extremely volatile business model.

From a business activity only focused on the execution of modest projects, we gradually began to take on more complex jobs in the most different geographical areas. We travelled, gained valuable experiences, met people, took part to fairs and exhibitions, and most of all we learned how to confront ourselves with realities different from the ones we were used to.

In the meanwhile, we bought and renovated the offices that have been our premises for seven years, before moving definitely to our actual operating base located in the industrial area in Massa Carrara.

The activity of project management, directed from the beginning by Antonio, have been combined with the selling of slabs, coordinated personally by Alberto; this step has let us fill the died times between the end of a project and the starting of the next one. The selling of slabs has continuously grown till becoming today a relevant part in the business economy. In this new configuration 2 female employees have joined the company for many years now. They are responsible of the export markets from a commercial point of view and through communication actions aimed at their developments.

Davide deals totally with the supervision of production of stone items. It’s an extremely critical sector where carrying out more than one processing or various projects at the same time needs the ability to plan and coordinate everything in a very precise way, with the final aim of not compromising the quality of final products and guarantee expected delivery times.

We adopted an internal procedure of slab checking that has let us solve the crucial issue of the selection of slabs intended for the direct selling and the cutting; we enhanced the administrative department including a reliable person and completed the production division with a guy at his first working experience.

Consolidating the commercial network and, more generally, the business organization has enhanced the project management in a direct and significant way. In this sector, it’s essential to keep up with the unstable market needs, following them or, even better, foreseeing them. Flexibility, research, investments are necessary and most of all a great teamwork is: a working team who shares the same passion to convey to whom who believes in our values and skills, being them clients, suppliers or external partners. It’s the passion for this job and the common aim that allow us today to carry each working day with the same enthusiasm of the past and with the desire of improving, that has let us achieve this goal of 25years of activity.

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